How to get more Plumbing Leads: 10 Strategies (2022)

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You know better than anyone that being a plumber is more than showing up at someone’s house every time they have a leaky pipe. 

If you are new to the plumbing business you might be wondering how to get more customers.

In this post we are going to explore 10 proven strategies to help you get more leads, and ultimately more customers.

1. Get customer referrals and testimonials

Sometimes contractors rely on word-of-mouth referrals as their only source of leads for their business. 

If that’s you, you know how important customer referrals are to continuing your business’ success. 

But, how can you improve your referral business process?

Make sure you leave your business card or a flyer when you finish a job.

If you have their email, send them a message thanking them for their business and include all of your contact information, in case they need more work or someone they know needs the work.

You can also build a referral program that rewards past customers for sending you referrals that convert.

Finally, you can check in with older customers, ask about the condition of your work, and then lead them to either setting up a maintenance call or ask for them to refer you to their friend’s network. 

Remove as many barriers as possible. 

Requesting testimonials in video or written form from your customers and, then share them on social media and your website to drive more interest to your services. 

2. Grow your SEO traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a word that lead gen gurus throw around a lot, but what does it actually mean to invest time into SEO for your business?

By modifying your website’s titles, descriptions, headings and image text you are not only able to make your website easier for your customers to use, but also “Search engines” like Google will reward you by sending more traffic to your website.

The traffic is essentially free other than the time it takes to implement it.

With 49% of marketers reporting that organic search (SEO) having the highest ROI of any marketing channel (searchenginejournal).

It may be just what you need to get more leads to your business.

3. Lead generation platform

There are services around the web and industry that claim to be able to generate the leads you need to sustain your business with minimal effort from you for a fee. 

It all sounds great in theory, but what does that actually mean for your business? 

Too often, we’ve heard of businesses spending on lead generation services but not getting the ROI they desired.

We suggest shopping around for the best fit for your business. 

Look for proven success in your area and specifically for plumbers. Ask your network who they use and what success they’ve seen.

4. Build an email contact list

Building an email contact list is easier said than done. 

First, you need to get organized. Find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that works for your business. Then, start adding emails. 

For selling maintenance programs, rehash campaigns, and general business updates, add your existing customers to your CRM. 

Finding new people to add to your list can seem hard at first, but there are low-cost ways to add email addresses to your list. 

Create a pop-up or enter email address prompt on your home page and all landing pages. Include an offer with the prompt for a discount or free services. 

Also, create a referral program for existing customer and offer discounts for every new customer they help you secure. 

Use social media to announce specials, sales, or new inventory. 

Tell your followers to share their contact information for updates on when you get new products. 

5. Use direct mail

Direct mail is still a proven method for generating interest and leads for your business. 

There are several tactics to reach specific communities and customers that a direct mail service provider can help you execute. 

However, when building your campaigns, you need to have a specific goal in mind. 

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  • What action do you want the homeowner to take?
  • Do you want them to call you immediately? 
  • Do you have a plan for answering every phone call that comes in? 
  • Do you want them to email you directly? 
  • Do you have the time to follow up with every message? 

After you decide what you want them to do, decide on what kind of images and messaging you want on your mailer. 

Showing previous work, sharing testimonials, and providing a vision for what you can do for them is a great way to start. 

6. Social Media platforms

Running social media for your business can feel like a maze on top of all the other things you have to do. 

But, here are some tips on how to use it to generate leads.

Firstly, focus on providing educational, humorous, or heartfelt content.

If you can do all three at the same time, that’s even better.

Some types of posts you might consider would be walkthrough videos, explainer videos, before and after project recaps, employee spotlights, or industry memes. 

Not everything is going to be a smashing success, but social media is a place where you can showcase your work, integrity, and personality. 

7. Local Directories and chambers of commerce

Local chambers of commerce and directories are a way to successfully generate leads for your business passively. 

Sharing your information and working with local organizations can get you in front of customers who don’t have a solid idea of how to find a good plumber. 

8. Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is a technique where you pay advertising companies for placement across a myriad of sites like search engines and interest sites.

Your ads, either text, images, or videos, are delivered to a specific target audience you are trying to entice to use your services. 

Make sure your ads are clear, compelling and lead to clear calls to action. 

Also be sure whatever PPC program you are using or if you’re using outside help to track progress and success to prevent any wasteful spending. 

Decide that you need x amount of jobs per month from this program to make it worth your while. 

9. Team up with other plumbers

You’re only as successful as your network.

Build and use your connections with other plumbers and tradespeople to nurture mutually beneficial relationships, where you deliver referral work to each other either on big jobs or jobs they can’t get to. 

10. Discounts or upsells

Discounting your services during slow periods can lead to making up for a drop off in jobs. However, make sure you are not discounting your services so deeply that you’re losing money. 

Announce your discounts or upgrade opportunities on social media, through email, and on your website. 

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