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The Change Order Podcast’s mission is to connect its listeners and leaders in the home improvement business to share their experiences, knowledge, and know-how. Come and learn about everything from sales, marketing, accounting, and more.

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What is The Change Order?

The Change Order Podcast is produced by Hearth and is co-hosted by content marketing expert Dago Garcia and other members of the Hearth staff. The show has guests randing from sales experts to business growth experts to business financing companies. 

The show’s format is simple and informal and typically last about 30 to 45 minutes. The hosts ask questions that are most pertinent to a home improvement/services business owner that focus on growth and sustainability. 

Hear from business leaders in the home improvement industry

Guests on the The Change Order Podcast have included Tom Reber, Shawn van Dyke, Steve Weyl, CEOs, bookkeeping experts, business financing brokers, marketing experts, and more. 

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About Hearth

Hearth is an all-in-one software that helps contractors sell bigger jobs faster with tools like customer financing, digital quotes, contracts, invoices, payments, and banking. 

Contractors also get the marketing tools and support they need to connect with leads and close more deals. 

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