All-in-one invoicing and estimating software for gutter installation and repair contractors

As a gutter expert and installer, you help people protect their homes, property, and families. Whether you’re selling a new, dream system or repairing an older system, you need the right sales tool to close jobs, organize your business, and help you save time so you can focus on your work.

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Streamline your business


Client Management

Intake leads and manage your clients' journey.


Send professional estimates from anywhere.


Secure your jobs with digital signatures.


Create digital invoices with reminders for customers.


Customer Financing

Offer customers monthly payments for their projects.

Digital Payments

Get paid faster via debit card, credit card, or ACH.


Generate more leads with Hearth's marketing tools.


Access your cash faster with the Hearth debit card.

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Hear from our customers

“From $0 to $10,000 in about an hour and a half just because it’s convenient for the customer. Think about how convenient it is now for us. I can sell more contracts in one day because of how fast I can get them delivered.”

-Andre, General Contracting

Hearth customer Andre Davila

Create estimates and quotes quickly and easily

Speed to lead and delivering an estimate is the key to winning more jobs. Instead of spending time building quotes in spreadsheets or word processing template, get a tool that works with you and makes your job easier. With Hearth Quotes, you can send digital estimates for quick approvals via text or email. Hearth Quotes also gives you the ability to save line items, deliver branded estimates, and send automated reminders. 

Generate contracts in minutes

Your business deserves the power to protect itself and jobs with a professional contract tool that’s easy-to-use. Hearth Contracts include up 20 contract templates, the ability to copy and paste contracts, track your customer’s status, and collect digital signatures. 


Deliver invoices with ease and get paid on time for your services

Hearth Invoices integrate into all parts of the customer experience. When sending a financing link, quote, or contract, you can follow up with an invoice. Apart from scheduling invoices, Hearth also sends automated reminders for your customers to pay their invoices. Invoices are branded and can be delivered via text or email to your customers. 


The best financing options for your customers

Hearth changed the game when it came to customers financing their home improvement projects. There are no minimum business requirements to use Hearth Financing. We do not charge per-project fees. Send your customers a branded prequalification form. Once they fill that form out, they can see their estimated monthly payment options for projects from $1,000–$250,000 for terms as long as 12 years and for FICO scores as low as 550. Checking their monthly payment options does not affect their credit score. 


Easy-to-use digital payment tools

Get paid faster and from anywhere with Hearth. Hearth contractors can get paid for their work via ACH (eCheck), credit card, or debit card. Our fees for credit and debit card transactions are 3.0% of the total transaction and $5.00 for eCheck (ACH).


Give your marketing efforts a boost

Hearth gives you the tools to market your business and drive leads for your services. Hearth provides customers with digital banners you can embed in your site that lead people to your branded prequalification form. We also have flyers and brochures to hand out at appointments or tradeshows. Hearth also provides an embeddable financing calculator for your website. And, Hearth has digital marketing tools like email and social media to share your financing link. 


Get started today with Hearth!

Hearth has built a suite of tools that help contractors manage their business from anywhere, sell bigger jobs quicker, and save time and money so they can focus on what’s more important. To learn more about how Hearth can help your business, click the link below. 

The best app for Gutter contractors




Average return on investment


Jobs funded


Average job size increase


Close rate improvement

Based on internal reporting as of September 2022. Professionals selling on the Hearth platform is based on the number of active users. Average annual ROI is based on funds obtained through the Hearth platform. Loan volume is based on total loans and credit cards processed through the Hearth platform. 30% average job size increase and 17% close rate improvement based on study by Enerbank. 

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While our competitors claim that they can help you win more jobs, we have over $500 million dollars worth of home improvement loans to prove it.

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