[Podcast] The Change Order – Steve Weyl

steve weyl podcast guest

The first episode of The Change Order by Hearth is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our podcast’s mission is to share expertise and advice from home improvement business owners and professionals to help you transform your business. Growth comes from challenging ourselves and changing the way we get things done. We hope that this podcast series inspires you and gives you the advice you need to take your company to the next level. 

In our first episode, we spent time with Steve Weyl a renowned sales trainer that helps transform home improvement sales teams across the country. Before he was a sales trainer, Steve owned ABLE Roofing, which he took from zero to $105M in annual revenue. 

First, we discussed Steve’s start in the home improvement industry. Steve started as a security alarm salesman, but he had little success because of the lack of processes and product training. Then, he started a chimney cleaning business with little knowledge about chimney cleaning. Steve learned that there might be more opportunities in the roofing business. So, he made the transition. 

Then, we discussed the mistakes that Steve sees young home improvement businesses make. Steve mentions not understanding costs and pricing correctly as a big money trap for businesses. He also explained why business owners should sign their checks to prevent embezzlement. Also, he explained why businesses need to avoid having too many accounts sitting on their books past due.

Steve then spoke about the porch light sales method and how he’s had to evolve that technique into modern sales situations. He also discusses the factors that close deals past price. 

Finally, we discussed the finer points of selling with Hearth. Steve is no stranger to using Hearth as a sales tool to close more deals and improve sales processes. Steve explains the Hearth advantage and how businesses can start winning with Hearth today. 

Steve Weyl has partnered with Hearth to offer sales training to members for $199. The four modules with Steve go over his tried and true sales process, techniques, and how to win with Hearth. If you’re interested, please email support@gethearth.com


0:00 Intro

1:56 Steve gets started

9:20 Mistakes that new companies make

13:29 Favorite project ever

23:03 How to win with Hearth

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