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Home Improvement Loans: The Homeowner's Guide

Learn everything you need to pick the right financing option for your next renovation. We developed the guide in consulation with personal finance experts.

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Financial tips and tricks for a successful home renovation


Home Improvement Loan Calculator

Use our free home improvement loan calculator to estimate how much you'd pay each month with different APRs, terms, and loan amounts.

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Home Repair Loans 101

Having trouble picking the right home repair loan for your project? Learn which of the two common home repair loans can help you.

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State of the American Dream Report

Our survey of 2,000 Americans found that renovations are core to the American Dream. Learn why in our exclusive report.

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Can you Spot This Renovation Mistake?

One young couple had to remodel after learning a baby was on the way. See if you can spot their mistake! Hint: HGTV won't help you much.

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Remodel Financing Options Calculator

Not sure which financing option to pick? Compare 4 main ones through our interactive payment options calculator.

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