Jobber vs. Hearth: What are the Differences?

Are you looking for a reliable service that allows you to offer your home improvement customers financing options?

Learn why you should go with Hearth instead of Jobber.

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Why choose Hearth versus competitors like Jobber?

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Get all the tools you need to close the sale plus financing options that will help you close bigger jobs. 

Best of all, with Hearth, there are no minimum requirements to offer financing.

Hearth contractors can offer financing for a customer’s project up to $250,000.                                                        

Also, when contractors sign on to Hearth, they have access to a network of 17 lenders as opposed to other financing companies, which may only offer a single or few options.

This means that contractors can offer financing that meets the needs of their customers and close more deals than ever before.


Reason 1: Only pay for the membership, not every transaction

While our competitor has dealer fees for select FICO scores, when contractors use Hearth they never have to pay per-transaction fees, regardless of their customer’s credit score and history.


Reason 2: American-based company that understands your market

Based in Austin, Texas, at Hearth we speak the language of the American contractor and that’s “More jobs.”

Here’s what Chris Traweek of CTT Exteriors in San Antonio, Texas had to say about using Hearth:

“Hearth made an easy button for a contractor like myself, especially a small business to start right out the gate offering financing.”

Chris says “we’re able to give one price right up front and we don’t have to worry about, you know, any kind of financing fees.”


With a network of over 20,000 professionals, Hearth knows what it takes to help you run a successful blue collar business. 

To learn more about how Hearth has helped contractors grow their business today, visit our testimonial page and subscribe to The Change Order Podcast.


Reason 3: Affordable plan options

We have three plan options for contracting businesses of all sizes. 

For the solo contractor, our Essentials package is a great fit, but for larger businesses, the Pro and Elite packages may better suit your needs. 

Visit the pricing page to learn more about each package.


Reason 4: User-friendly app for all skill levels

From our easy-to-use mobile app, contractors are able to access our financing from anywhere.

So if you are in the middle of closing a deal, you can quickly pre-qualify your customer all with a push of a button.


Reason 5: Easily track your customer’s process and create reports

Our app also includes client relationship management capabilities. Just simply upload a spreadsheet in CSV format of your customers. 

Pro and Elite users can use our app to send automatic reminders and receive alerts. For financing, you can track your customer’s progress through the pre-qualification form and if they get approved. You can also track estimates, contracts, and invoices.


How Hearth and jobber stack up

Minimum Business RequirementsNoYes
Lending Partners171
Credit Limit$250,000$25,000

Based on research conducted January 2023

Not every customer has the cash up-front.

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“Hearth has made it very easy to offer financing to customers. Most of the time. We just send a text message to them, they pull up the link, fill it out, and know within a few minutes.”

Buck McElvain

Refresh A/C and Heating, TX

The best app for home improvement contractors




Average return on investment


Jobs funded


Average job size increase


Close rate improvement

Based on internal reporting as of September 2022. Professionals selling on the Hearth platform is based on the number of active users. Average annual ROI is based on funds obtained through the Hearth platform. Loan volume is based on total loans and credit cards processed through the Hearth platform. 30% average job size increase and 17% close rate improvement based on study by Enerbank. 

Get Started with Hearth Today

While our competitors claim that they can help you win more jobs, we have over $500 million dollars worth of home improvement loans to prove it.

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