CTT Exteriors uses Hearth to deliver on its promise of quality projects without digging into their profits.


Chris Traweek of CTT Exteriors grew up in an entrepreneurial household and had a strong background in the service industry. Chris witnessed the power home improvement had to change lives. So, he decided to start his business.

Chris and his team strive to give peace of mind through practical home improvement and honest service. They put the needs of their customers first and try their best to not sacrifice quality. Building it right the first time with great materials can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

When he started CTT Exteriors, he made a vow to himself that he “wasn’t going to be like some of these Joe Schmo guys that are out there just not using their full potential or even the resources around them.”

ctt exteriors owner speaking - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth
Ctt exterrior team - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

That’s where Hearth comes in.

“Hearth made an easy button for a contractor like myself, especially a small business to start right out the gate offering financing.”

Chris says “we’re able to give one price right up front and we don’t have to worry about, you know, any kind of financing fees.”

Worrying less about cash flow and how jobs are getting closed is music to any business owner’s ears.

CTT Exteriors also uses Hearth’s invoicing features to get paid faster. Chris says, “Once the job’s done, all we have to do is go into the app. It pretty much automates the invoicing system to where we can shoot them over an invoice immediately, and it asks them to go ahead and pay, but it automates it to where it’s out of our hands, and we don’t have to really mess with it.”

Hearth’s all-in-one software creates a simple flow for you to manage your sales process and cash flow. With financing, digital quotes, contracts, invoices, and payments, driving around town collecting checks and signatures is a thing of the past.

“As far as the ease of implementing Hearth into my business, they offered free training for any of my guys. We were able to get about four or five of my guys trained up pretty quick and started into the field almost immediately.”

“When we bring on a new guy in our business, we basically will get support from Hearth and have them almost train him up.”

CTT Exteriors knows the value of training and technology to grow their business. “We are sitting here on the cutting edge of all these different types of technology. And realistically, we’re using it to our advantage all the time. We’re going to different classes. We’re figuring out things.”

ctt exterior owner - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

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