What are the benefits of using digital estimates

Without a solid, digital estimates system, home improvement contractors are preventing their businesses from taking advantage of the technology available to simplify their businesses and speed up their sales process. 

How many times have you seen a contractor give a price for a job off the top of their head?

How often are those contractors writing down every cost for the job to show their customers what they’re paying for?

If they are writing it down, how many of those estimates are in a professional format or, better yet, digital?

As you can imagine, this may not be the best way to keep track of things.

 So why not just skip the guesswork and just use digital quotes instead?

Announcing Hearth Quotes: A more professional and easier way to quote jobs

Hearth Quotes help contractors save time and close deals faster by giving them a professional and digitally available way to quote their jobs.

Once approved by your customers, the quote can easily be converted into a contract that your customers can sign so you can get to work.

Our digital quotes can also include information on monthly payments for your customers’ jobs embedded into the quote.

That way, if they’re interested in financing their projects, they can shop options from over a dozen lenders.

And with Hearth pay; contractors on average can get paid 1 – 3 business days faster for their jobs.

Here’s why it’s time to invest in digital quotes for your business:

Level up your professionalism

As customers grow to expect a more seamless, digital experience when they buy, not being tied down by physical documents is the first step towards improving your customers’ experiences when working with you.

Professionalism and attention to detail are critical ways to building trust with your customers, getting referral business, and improving your reputation. 

Going paperless saves money

In theory, going paperless is great for the environment, but it’s also great for your business.

Saving money on printers, paper, and ink means money back in your pocket. 

Better organization

File cabinets are expensive, are heavy, and take up a lot of space. This is a problem for the contractors who even have them. Too often, paperwork can live in the back of a truck in a folder or on a desk.

Staying organized digitally will help you understand your costs, give you an easier historical view of how much you’re charging for jobs, and help you understand your project costs. 

Faster approvals

Paper estimates are better than no estimates, but chasing down an approval in person or over the phone can take time.

Digital estimates give you the power to send documents over text or email for your customers to look over and approve at the touch of a button.

With digital quotes, you’re spending less time trying to close. 

On-the-go access

Time is money! Driving around in your truck, talking to customers, dealing with subs, and checking in on jobs can take its toll on your calendar.

How are you supposed to find time for actually doing the jobs?

Converting a big part of your sales process to a digital system can help you prevent a loss in productivity.

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