How Marshland Lawn & Pressure Washing secured five new clients in one month by offering financing


  • Company Name: Marshland Lawn & Pressure Washing

  • Owner: Barrett Herbert

  • Industry: Landscaping & fencing

  • State: Louisiana


  • Marshland had three deals “on the hook”—clients who didn’t have the cash they needed to start the project and didn’t have any financing options

  • But Marshland didn’t offer financing. “Never in my business have I been able to offer financing to customers,” Barrett explains.

  • Marshland wanted a financing system where they could sign up and offer financing immediately–they didn’t want to deal with a waiting period or complicated sign-up process.


  • In the last month, Marshland was able to secure five new clients who didn’t have the cash up-front and whom “we previously would not have been able to work with at all,” Barrett says.

  • Marshland’s clients have been “very receptive” to Hearth—they’ve enjoyed how easily and quickly they could go through the financing process and how they can sort through their loan options to find the best monthly payment amounts or interest rates for them.

  • “Hearth has been a game-changer for us…I plan on being a customer of Hearth and being a partner with Hearth for a very long time,” Barrett concludes.

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