How Richard Stidham offers financing to compete with big companies

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“For a little guy like me, it’s hard to compete with the big shops”

During hot summers in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Richard Stidham works hard to cool down his neighbors. His company, Enchanted Hills Cooling & Heating LLC, repairs and replaces residential refrigerated air conversions. 

For Richard, customers have always been the top priority. When trying to offer his customers the best service for the best price, Richard faced a common small business problem: he couldn’t compete with big companies. 

Even when Richard would offer a lower price for the same project, he often lost out to larger companies that offered in-house financing and broke down project costs into monthly payments.

A partner focused on empowering small businesses 

In search of a solution, Richard looked around for financing options, but several companies weren’t willing to work with him because his business was too new. Richard has been in the HVAC business for years, but had just started Enchanted Hills Cooling & Heating in January. Finally, he came across Hearth — a company willing to partner with him and his growing company.

“It was great finding a company that focuses on helping small business owners like myself compete against the big guys,” Richard says.

How Richard offers financing 

Richard advertises Hearth’s financing options on his social media pages, and has received a positive response to this new offering. His customers say Hearth is “really simple to use and easy to navigate through”.

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Richard also sends customers his loan request page before an onsite visit. Then, when Richard and the customer talk about the project’s cost, customers can get a loan to pay Richard now, then spread the loan’s cost over several years. 

Offering additional payment plans has made a huge difference for customers: “A loan of $15,000 or even $2,000 to offset the cost of a project makes the price a lot easier to swallow.”

“I’ve already made $15,500 from my investment in Hearth.”

After funding just one $15,500 project, Richard’s Hearth subscription has paid for itself, and more. Richard took on a large project — installing two 5-ton package units in place of evaporated coolers. 

Richard told his customer that he offers financing through Hearth, and his customer quickly got a loan. “Hearth more than paid for itself,” Richard says, “I’ve already made $15,500 from my investment in Hearth.” 

Because of his experience, Richard thinks offering Hearth financing is a “no-brainer” for contractors who want to reach more customers and compete with big box companies. That’s why he plans to tell other contractors about the service.

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