How Hydier Builders got a $100,000 job with financing

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Three generations of serving Pennsylvania homeowners 

For three generations, family-owned Hydier Builders has focused on a single idea: serving friends and family in Pennsylvania.

Service is in the company’s motto – “Serving friends and neighbors since 1968” – but the company’s commitment to serving customers extends beyond a tagline.

Brian Hydier is always on the lookout for new ways to serve his customers and grow the business. That’s why he decided to look into financing – a proven way to provide great service and increase sales.

A financing partner Brian could trust with his customers 

After quickly ruling out local banks, Brian decided to look “for a place to offer financing to my customers outside the regular bank channels.” Brian knew banks tended to focus on higher-credit customers, and didn’t have competitive options for other homeowners.

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Eventually, Brian heard about Hearth from Thumbtack – a leading site where contractors are paired with homeowners: “You guys offered an opportunity at a low monthly rate for me to provide a service to my customers.”

Brian quickly learned he could trust Hearth with his customers. “Customers have told me everyone is very nice and knowledgeable,” he says, “and they’ve been happy with the easy process.”

Of course, financing partners must do more than provide great customer service; they have to help close sales.

“I was able to get the $100,000 job” 

Brian explains how “I had a customer ask if I offer financing. And I said yes I do.” He then sent his customer through Hearth’s loan request process, and a minute later, Brian’s customer was pre-qualified for around $100,000.

“My customer and I were surprised at the lower rates you offered,” says Brian. 

Shortly after, Brian’s customer received funding for the project.

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“Because of Hearth, I was able to get the $100,000 job,” explains Brian, “My customer was happy with the service, and I’m going to be starting the job shortly.”

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We’re lucky to work with hundreds of contractors like Brian, and we’d love to work with you too. If you’d like to join Brian and provide great customer service while growing your business, click here to request a demo of Hearth.

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