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On top of being good at your job, you have to think about your business’ growth 24/7.  Social media can seem like a waste of time, but it’s also a proven way to get customers interested in your business. 

Recently, Hearth published Facebook for Your Contracting Business to help small businesses understand this powerful marketing tool. This guide walks you through how to create a Facebook Page, how to build an audience, what content will engage users, and how to advertise your business. 

Here is an excerpt from the Getting Started section of our guide.

Things to keep in mind before you get started

There are some things you should keep in mind when engaging with your customers on Facebook. 

Personal page vs. business page

Don’t use your personal Facebook page as your business’ Page. Just like everything to do with your business, separating it from your personal life is a good approach. Also, without a Facebook Page, you won’t get access to demographic information or the ability to advertise your business through your personal page. 

Avoid touchy subjects

Politics and religion are two hot-button issues. Bringing these up can cause distress for your business if done improperly. These conversations can turn negative quickly, and it’ll be in your best interest to stay out. 

Be consistent 

The easiest way to create consistency is to make a schedule for when you’re going to post. There are guidelines on when the best times to post are, and they’ll be shared later in this article. However, you will know when the best times to post are for your business by seeing when you get the most engagement. It might be between the end of the workday and dinner or it might be after 9 p.m. Test as much as you can. 

Respond to all comments

Just like bringing up politics and religion, negative conversations about your business can turn nasty quickly. Negative comments are an opportunity for you to educate that customer and others who may be reading your responses. 

Use data to create the best content

Facebook provides data on how your posts perform. Use this information to decide what the top types of content are for your audience. If they love photos, post more photos. If they love videos, it’s time for your close-up. Meet your audience where they’re at. 

Be personal, not promotional

Discounts and free estimates are great, but you will more than likely not get much engagement out of those posts. The less engagement you get, the less Facebook will place your content on your followers’ News Feeds. Posts that are about your projects, employees, or more personal perform better on Facebook. 

Giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t love free things? Consider a quarterly giveaway to get your customers excited. Giveaways can include goods, services, or gift cards. 

Have conversations

Facebook isn’t just a one-way street. Having conversations with new or old customers about their homes or issues they’re running into can be an incredible way to build trust in your community. 

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