Why your business needs digital contracts

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Some days it feels like you’re always on the move. Add chasing down and keeping track of paperwork, and you’re losing hours of your day to admin. Here is why your business needs digital contracts now. 


Carrying around a ton of paperwork is as inconvenient as it gets. What’s even worse is forgetting paperwork at the office or work. With digital contracts, everything you need to get a homeowner to sign off on a job is at your fingertips. From your truck, home, or a customer’s kitchen table, contractors should be ready to hit send on a contract at any moment. 

Collect digital signatures

Chasing down a signature or waiting by a fax machine is time you could spend selling, on the job, or with your family. Control your time and schedule by collecting digital signatures for your projects. Best of all, there’s no risk of losing a paper contract because digital contracts can be stored and made easily accessible from anywhere. 

Schedule payments

Digital contracts allow you to set up payment schedules for your customers. Securing down payments is crucial to be able to buy materials and complete projects. Digital tools help you collect payments that otherwise might take longer to collect.

How Hearth can help

Hearth has created a new custom contracts tool that helps you close deals easily and win new business faster. Hearth Contracts gives you the power to send contracts on the go, collect digital signatures from your clients, and automatically schedule payment requests upon signature.¹

Hearth Contracts come with a free template that you can review with your legal counsel or you can upload your own custom contracts. Save up to 20 different contract templates that you can modify and send on the go. Our contracts tool is included in Hearth’s Pro and Elite subscription plans. 

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¹ Requires Hearth Pay setup, included in Hearth’s Pro and Elite subscription plans  

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