Webinar: Rehash Like a Pro with Alan McKenna

“It costs you more money not to have a solid rehash strategy!”
-Alan McKenna

In this webinar, “Rehash Like a Pro,” Alan McKenna explains how rehashing old leads could add 10-20% more revenue to your business without adding any expenses. Alan’s system turns dead leads into cash, uncovers why your sales reps aren’t converting, shortens your sales cycle, and helps save cancelations.

Alan’s 5 Steps to rehash include:

  1. Decide on a compelling offer to provide unsold leads

  2. Train one dedicated rehash caller

  3. Create rehash lists and start calling immediately

  4. Train a rehash salesperson

  5. Measure results and optimize

Hearth can be a critical tool in your rehash program to share monthly payment options to leads when revisiting their project.

Alan McKenna is founder and CEO of Ultimate Rainmaker, a sales and marketing consulting company. For decades, Alan has worked with several companies delivering transformational strategies that generate more revenue and save on costs. Visit his website ultimaterainmaker.com to learn more.

This webinar was recorded on May 6, 2021.

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