Top mistakes contractors make on social media

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Marketing is unfortunately one of the things your business cannot live without if you really want to grow your business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have almost 5 billion total monthly active users on their platforms. Even new platforms like TikTok and Snapchat have millions of users and engagements every day. With so many platforms and a lack of time and resources to learn it all, it’s easy to see why so many contractors make mistakes when it comes to social media. 

Here are some things you should look out for when managing your company’s social media presence. 

Using personal pages

When you’re starting out, it’s easy just to use your personal page as your company’s page because of the built-in audience. Everyone you know is already there! Unfortunately, you are missing out on the features built into business pages on social media platforms that are built for companies to understand their audiences, monitor performance, and invest in promotion. As your company grows, it’s important to separate the personal and professional. 

Out of date contact information

Many social platforms have tools for you to include contact information, hours of operation, and service area. Make sure you’re using these sections of your profiles so you don’t leave any guesswork for your customers to do on how to get a hold of you. 


If someone requests information about your services on social media, you’re obviously going to need to respond. But, did you know that responding to everything, even comments on your pictures, videos, and posts, can have a positive impact on your business pages? Make sure you’re communicating with your followers at every opportunity. Communication and openness go a long way.


It’s simple to get excited about a new tool or service, use it for a little bit, and then forget about it. This happens too often to companies and their social media pages. Take the time to post regularly—even if it’s once a week. Updated and live social media pages give potential customers the impression that your company is up, running, and thriving. 

Strictly promotion

Finally, success on social media isn’t all about self-promotion. Sharing tidbits about your company, your employees, the work you do, and how-tos are a quick way to get some meaningful engagement from your followers. People who follow you are interested in your work but are also interested in getting to know your company and what you’re about. Find ways to bring your company’s personality through on your social media pages. 

In 2021, we wrote an ebook on how to make the most of Facebook for your home improvement business. We recommend downloading the guide for more helpful tips on how to optimize your social media presence. 

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