Easy-to-use payment processing software for construction companies

Delight your customers with convenient digital payment options, including credit card acceptance.

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How our digital payment app works

  • 1

    Send an invoice with digital payments enabled

    It takes just 10 seconds to customize and send on the go.
  • 2

    Get paid

    Your customer pays via your company-branded payment portal.
  • 3

    Transfer to your bank

    Once the payment has processed, log in to transfer the balance to your bank account.
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What you can do with Hearth’s online payment tool

Save time — no more chasing checks
Automated customer reminders
Track the status of outstanding payments
Easy digital payments = happier customers
Accept credit card payments
Secure payment options for your customers

Transaction fees

Credit/Debit: 3.0% of total transaction
eCheck (ACH): $5.00

Payment processing times

Credit card: 1-3 business days
eCheck (ACH): Up to 4 business days

What our customers say

"It really takes the work out of our hands, and puts it into Hearth’s hands. They get the approval, and then we get funded, which for me as a business owner is music to my ears." -Trevor S., Windows and Doors

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