Tired of losing your crews? Keep them close with Hearth!

If you’re like 83% of contractors, you don’t have enough members in your crew to serve your clients.

Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas are just a few of the states where contractors are feeling the strain. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry may face a shortage of 1.6 million workers by 2022.

Construction workers, like all of us, want to make money and they might move around the industry–or leave it entirely–in order to find the best-paying job. But, when they chose to leave your team, your business can suffer.

Without a full team, you’re at a disadvantage

If you don’t have the right number of crew members, your business might slow down—you may not be able to complete all your jobs or your jobs may run over schedule and your clients and your remaining crew members may get frustrated and leave.

You could cut back the number of jobs you take. You could pay your crews overtime. You could offer amenities to convince them to stay with you. But all these options are costly, and, if your company doesn’t have a devoted budget already, they might be eating into your profits or into your own pocket.

But, you don’t have to lose money, jobs, and crew members. Despite the competitive market, you do have one simple option to retain your crews: you can keep them busy!

Keep your teams full and busy

Financing is a successful way to get more jobs, which can keep your crews busy. Potential clients will know you’re financing-friendly and will choose you for their project, and existing customers can now afford the job they’ve wanted to do. Clients may even chose a better package if they prequalify for more than the project amount.

Hearth makes the financing process quick and easy. Our mobile app means that Hearth can travel with you—whether you’re in your office, on-site, or in your client’s living room. . Hearth’s Payment Plan Calculator can help you eliminate sticker shock by pitching the project in affordable monthly payments. You also have the option of making accounts for up to 20 of your sales representatives. They can close deals while you’re on a job site!

The increased average revenue from Hearth can also come in handy. Just one job at Hearth can increase your revenue by over $10,000. That extra cash can help you pay your crew, recruit new talent to build (or maintain) your team, or simply have money in the bank in case of a rainy day.

Hearth is here for you. By closing more deals and getting more work, you can keep your crews busy–and loyal to you!

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