Find out how much your clients can get with “Know Before You Go”

You drive to a client’s house, get to know them, walk through the project, and provide a detailed estimate — only to find out that the customer can’t afford the project.

This all-too-common situation wastes time and money. That’’s why we’re excited to tell you about our newest tool: Know Before You Go.

You can find out the maximum a customer could afford before you prepare the bid – then tailor your estimate. We call this Know Before You Go — it’s technology we’ve created to help you save more time and make more money.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Select the “Before the Visit” card in your mobile app. Let the customer know that seeing how much they could get won’t affect their credit score.

  2. Get notified. You’ll get a notification telling you the maximum amount they could get.

  3. Decide next steps. Based on the results, you can do one of 3 things:

  • If they don’t pre-qualify for the cost of the project and don’t have the cash, you can avoid spending time on that bid.

  • If they pre-qualify for the project amount, you can tailor your estimate to their financing options.

  • If they pre-qualify for more than the project amount, you can upsell the customer on a better package.

Ready to try it out? Log into your mobile app and send your KBYG link to a client.

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