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Tired of missing out on deals or watching opportunities slip through your fingers? We’ve made something for that. Introducing Lead Forms, the new tool that increases lead capture and speed-to-lead.

Lead Forms: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

  • Want to stop missing out? Lead Forms is here to ensure that you never let another opportunity slip through the cracks.
  • Based on Hearth user data, 73% of leads added to Hearth become paying customers. Lead Forms adds to this by streamlining your sales process like a pro.
  • Turn your digital assets into a lead-generating machine by letting you capture leads on your website, social media, emails and more, Lead Forms turns your digital assets into a lead-generating machine.
  • Worried about complicated setups? Don’t be. Lead Capture is as easy to implement. No tech headaches here.

Your Digital Assets as a Lead-Generating Machine

Imagine making every website visit, social page view, email or text a chance to snag a lead. Lead Forms transforms moments like those into sales opportunities by letting leads tell you they’re interested.

Capture leads from anywhere

Make it an offer they can’t refuse

Lead Capture is your ticket to not just capturing leads, but offering financing as well. When a lead fills out your lead form, they get the option to see financing options. Best part, you’ll be able to see where in the financing process your lead is.

Offer leads financing with Lead Forms

Responsive Notifications for Effortless Lead Conversion

Lead Forms doesn’t just stop at snagging leads – it’s there for you throughout the entire process.

The moment a lead enters your pipeline, an automatic email response kicks in, introducing your fantastic business to them. No more twiddling your thumbs waiting for responses. You’ll get notifications through text, email, or push as soon as a lead comes in. With a single click, you can whip up a quote straight from that notification, speeding up your speed-to-lead.

Start increasing your speed-to-lead

Setup is simple

Tech whiz or not, you can have it running in around 30 minutes. Just copy, paste your custom widget code onto your site, and tada – you’re in business.

Find your widget code here

Don’t even have a website? No biggie. Use the custom lead capture landing page instead then share the link wherever you like. Find that here.

Find your personal Lead Forms landing page here

Time to Stop Letting Deals Slip Away

Alright, let’s wrap this up. In a world where opportunities wait for no one, Hearth’s Lead Capture is your golden ticket. No more missed chances, no more tech nightmares. It’s a tool designed for folks like us who mean business.

So, fellow builders, here’s the scoop: In the realm of lead management, Hearth’s Lead Capture is your secret weapon. Don’t be the one trailing behind. Embrace the future, grab those opportunities by the horns, and make those deals happen. Your success story starts with Hearth’s Lead Capture – so, what are you waiting for? Let’s go out there and rock it!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Hearth!

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