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Sending quick estimates and invoices is a big part of being a successful painting contractor. Traditionally, quotes and invoices can take considerable time to create. You must consider materials, what crew you’ll need to complete a project, colors, coatings, etc. There are many factors to evaluate, and your sales team can waste valuable time getting things right. Fortunately, Hearth is here to make sending painting estimates and invoices easy.

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Simplify your business


Client Management

Intake leads and manage your clients' journey.


Send professional estimates from anywhere.


Secure your jobs with digital signatures.


Create digital invoices with reminders for customers.


Customer Financing

Offer customers monthly payments for their projects.

Digital Payments

Get paid faster via debit card, credit card, or ACH.


Generate more leads with Hearth's marketing tools.


Access your cash faster with the Hearth debit card.

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Hear from our customers

“From $0 to $10,000 in about an hour and a half just because it’s convenient for the customer. Think about how convenient it is now for us. I can sell more contracts in one day because of how fast I can get them delivered.”

-Andre, General Contracting

Hearth customer Andre Davila

Why Hearth?

Ready to take your business to new heights? Hearth has the tools to change how you handle the logistics, helping you save time on contracts and invoices while delivering a top-notch customer experience. Professional painters and wallpaper installers are in high demand, and every job you take is unique. No matter what coatings, colors and designs you offer, the Hearth contractor software optimizes how you generate leads, close sales and manage invoices. Hearth makes providing everything from detailed quotes with accurate pricing to accepting payments and financing options easier than you ever thought possible. Deliver the service your customers need without getting bogged down by the paperwork.

Hearth takes your wallpaper and painting business to the digital age, empowering you to become a contractor people want to turn to. From small projects you complete with interior designers or decorators to massive jobs requiring you to paint an entire commercial property, Hearth is here to help contractors like you earn more jobs and create a more efficient sales process.

Quickly create quotes and send estimates to your potential customers

With the Hearth platform, you can send quotes to potential customers directly from the app. Deliver digital quotes on the go from anywhere. Best of all, it only takes a few seconds. Customize a few details, and you’re good to go. Hearth has features like auto-saved drafts and pre-saved line items, making it easy to customize quotes for every project. Gain a competitive edge and send quotes quickly to win more jobs.

Your sales team can also keep track of estimates in real time. The quoting system allows you to send reminders before a quote expires, see when customers view the bids and more. Keep track of multiple outstanding estimates in one place and say goodbye to chasing paperwork.

Easily make contracts in minutes

Contracts are another essential aspect of running a painting business. It protects painting companies and provides peace of mind to customers. With Hearth, you can generate contracts in seconds to lock in your projects and close deals more efficiently.

With the Hearth contractor software, you can use templates, edit what you need and get a great contract in minutes. There’s also the option to upload custom text or build a contract from the ground up. Whatever the case, you can share these documents with your legal counsel to get things right. You can even include custom branding to add that professional touch that leaves a lasting impact on customers.

Hearth is a comprehensive platform that streamlines the entire sales process. Once a customer approves a quote, Hearth can automatically convert it into a contract to get the ball rolling. Collect digital signatures, get real-time notifications, send reminders and more. With Hearth, you can spend less time worrying about contract logistics and more time completing projects.

Send your customers invoices and get paid

No painting contractor likes to chase down payments. Hearth can help you get paid faster and provide simpler payment options for your customers. Sending painting invoices with Hearth is a breeze. Customize invoices with unique branding and schedule invoice delivery. Our software can send invoices automatically after quote approval and contract signing. It’s a hands-off process that does the heavy lifting for you.

Invoices can include all the pricing information you need. Provide line items for labor and materials to avoid confusion on your customer’s end. There are also options to pass on fees depending on state laws. As always, Hearth makes tracking payments simpler than before. Instead of having a team dedicated to reaching out to customers, track the status of outstanding payments directly on the Hearth platform. Send automated reminders and include links to financing options. Hearth painting invoices also sync to QuickBooks Online for Pro and Elite members, adding yet another layer of efficiency.

Provide unbeatable financing for your services

Financing is a great way to earn more customers and win more bids. Upfront costs can be a major hurdle for potential customers wanting to complete painting and wallpaper installation projects. With financing from Hearth’s lending partners, those projects become more accessible and manageable. Customers can pay for your services over time, making your work budget-friendly. Meanwhile, your painting business won’t lose profits due to pricey per-project dealer fees.

Usually, offering financing options is a big step for painting contractors. It’s a complex process that could easily turn into a logistical nightmare. But with Hearth, you can offer financing without the headaches. Our lending partners will work with customers with FICO scores as low as 550, offering rates as low as 6.99% APR.

Customers don’t have to jump through hoops to get financing. Send financing links through email or text. Alternatively, you can embed them in your quotes, painting invoices and contracts. Including those options with estimates can prevent sticker shock and make potential customers more willing to accept a bid. Customers can pre-qualify in minutes and get the necessary funds in a few days.

As always, Hearth makes it easy to track financing progress from one easy-to-use platform.

Gain access to digital payment tools

Are you tired of dealing with paper checks? Our contractor software can put the days of picking up written checks in the past. With Hearth, you allow customers to make convenient digital payments from their mobile devices. It’s easier for everyone.

With Hearth, you can accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH (eCheck). Card payments process in one to three days, while ACH takes up to four business days. You can also pass on payment platform fees to your customers in most states. Receive notifications when you receive payments and get paid securely.

Boost your marketing efforts

The paint job and wallpaper installation business is fiercely competitive. While your team might be experts in their craft, you must reach prospective customers to boost the bottom line. Once again, Hearth is here to help.

Hearth has impressive marketing tools to help you reach more people. Word-of-mouth referrals only go so far, and solid marketing plans are a must to succeed as a painting and wallpaper contractor. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to advertise your business.

As a Hearth member, you gain access to a suite of traditional and digital tools that can make all the difference. These include printable branded flyers, website banners, brochures and more. You can also tap into powerful social media posting tools and improve your email marketing capabilities. The sky’s the limit, and Hearth helps your painting business reach its full potential. Reach more prospects, close more deals and build your brand’s reputation.

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Average return on investment


Jobs funded


Average job size increase


Close rate improvement

Based on internal reporting as of September 2022. Professionals selling on the Hearth platform is based on the number of active users. Average annual ROI is based on funds obtained through the Hearth platform. Loan volume is based on total loans and credit cards processed through the Hearth platform. 30% average job size increase and 17% close rate improvement based on study by Enerbank. 

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