Offer 0% APR credit cards through Hearth!

We’re excited to announce that, starting today, you can offer 0% APR cards* as an add-on to your Hearth subscription.

58% of homeowners who use a credit card to finance a project take advantage of a no-interest promotion, and it’s not hard to see why. With a 0% APR credit card, your clients with strong credit could finance their project without paying interest.

Despite this popularity, however, few contractors offer 0% APR credit cards to their customers. That’s why we’re so excited to help set your business apart. 

  1. Customers who pre-qualify for personal loan options who report a decent credit score will receive an invitation on their offers page to explore our 0% APR credit card marketplace. Our marketplace features cards from the nation’s leading providers.

  2. Your client can apply for the card once they find the right option. The terms of the card, the length of the promotional period, and the credit limit will depend on your client’s credit profile, which will be determined by a hard credit pull. We can’t guarantee how much they may be approved for.

  3. Most of the time, your client will receive an instant decision. If approved, they’ll usually get the card in 2-7 business days. Sometimes, however, your client may have to go through a longer manual review process.

  4. You’ll get a notification when your customer gets final approval and moves forward with the card. And like personal loans, you can go to the track page to check the status. 

One more thing…

0% APR credit cards aren’t just good for your clients; they’re great for your margins! 

With Hearth’s 0% APR credit card options, you won’t be charged a dime in dealer fees. This is different from same-as-cash or 0% loan programs which often charge you dealer fees in order to buy down your client’s rates. All you’ll have to pay are standard credit card processing fees if your client uses the card to pay you.

Adding Hearth’s new 0% APR credit cards to your financing options can help you give your business a competitive edge. Homeowners with strong credit have a chance to pay $0 in interest while you’re charged $0 in dealer fees — all to help you continue to build your business and grow your bottom line!

Call your account manager to get started: (512) 686-4141

*Potential credit card offers will include a 0% APR during a promotional period only; the promotional period will vary in length among different offers. After the conclusion of the promotional period, higher APRs will be charged. Please consult the disclosures related to any particular card offer.

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