Shogun Enterprises Inc., doing business as Hearth and Hearth Brokerage ("Hearth"), is a Delaware corporation located at 527 Howard Street, Floor 3, San Francisco, California 94105. Please refer to the terms and conditions for additional disclosures and conditions of use. NMLS Unique Identifier #1628533. Hearth has been issued the following licenses and registrations:


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Consumer Lender License # CL-0943786
Issued by the Arizona Dept. of Financial Institutions


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - California Finance Lender (Lender and Broker) # 60DBO-74856
Issued by the California Department of Business Oversight

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - California Bureau of Real Estate, License #02047823
1651 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, California 95815. Call Center: 877-373-4542
Issued by the California Bureau of Real Estate


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Small Loan Company License # SLC-1628533
Issued by the Connecticut Department of Banking


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Mortgage Broker License # MBR2633
Issued by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Broker License # NBC1627204
Issued by the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Small Loan Company License # SL1628533
Issued by the Massachusetts Division of Banks

New Hampshire

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Small Loan Lender License # 22389-SM
Issued by the New Hampshire Banking Department

North Carolina

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Brokering Filing Registration # 262
Issued by the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State

New Jersey

Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage Inc. - Consumer Lender License # L069750
Issued by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Credit Service Organization License # CSO00481
Issued by the Oklahoma Office of the Administrator of Consumer Credit


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Consumer Finance License # 0450-001-C
Issued by the Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Consumer Discount Company # 62401
Issued by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Banking and Securities

Rhode Island

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Broker License # 20183623LB
Issued by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Industrial Loan & Thrift Registration #3993
Issued by the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Regulated Lender License #1700058310-158349
Issued by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner