Shogun Enterprises Inc., doing business as Hearth and Hearth Brokerage ("Hearth"), is a Delaware corporation located at 116 Natoma Street, Floor 3, San Francisco, California 94105.

Please refer to the terms and conditions for additional disclosures and conditions of use.

Hearth has been issued the following licenses and registrations:


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Consumer Lender License # CL-0943786
Issued by the Arizona Dept. of Financial Institutions


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - California Finance Lender (Lender and Broker) # 60DBO-74856
Issued by the California Department of Business Oversight

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - California Bureau of Real Estate, License #02047823
1651 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, California 95815. Call Center: 877-373-4542
Issued by the California Bureau of Real Estate


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Small Loan Company License # SLC-1628533
Issued by the Connecticut Department of Banking


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Mortgage Broker License # MBR2633
Issued by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Broker License # NBC1627204
Issued by the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Small Loan Company License # SL1628533
Issued by the Massachusetts Division of Banks

New Hampshire

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Small Loan Lender License # 22389-SM
Issued by the New Hampshire Banking Department

North Carolina

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Brokering Filing Registration # 262
Issued by the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State

New Jersey

Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage Inc. - Consumer Lender License # L069750
Issued by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Consumer Installment Loan Act License # CI.502058.000
Issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Credit Service Organization License # CSO00481
Issued by the Oklahoma Office of the Administrator of Consumer Credit


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Consumer Finance License # 0450-001-C
Issued by the Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services


Shogun d/b/a Hearth Brokerage - Consumer Discount Company # 62401
Issued by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Banking and Securities

Rhode Island

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Loan Broker License # 20183623LB
Issued by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Industrial Loan & Thrift Registration #3993
Issued by the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions


Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Regulated Lender License #1700058310-158349
Issued by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Mortgage Company License
Issued by the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending

Shogun d/b/a Hearth - Consumer Act Registration #53071
Issued by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions