Hunter Ballew talks about his five key elements

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Hunter Ballew, RoofCon conference founder, owner of, and legacy-minded entrepreneur coach, took time out of his busy day to tell us about his Five Key Elements (Blessings, Reasons, Targets, Consequences, and Excuses) of his Fulfillment 50 mindset. 

Here’s what he had to say:

1. Blessings

“Number one is what are your blessings? What are the things that you’re grateful for? So that when you get to 2:00 in the afternoon and the homeowner makes you really mad or the crew does something stupid, or you’re having issues with cash flow, or you and your spouse are arguing like you can kind of reset”.

Hunter continued by saying

“Remember, so all the things that you have to be thankful for so you don’t get so flustered and in your feels”. 

2. Reasons

“Number two is Reasons. What are the reasons you do what you do? Why do you push so hard? For me, the top of the list is legacy. I want to leave a massive legacy. I want to continue to impact people after I’m gone.”

3. Targets

“… creating targets and having targets with deadlines, I think that’s so important”.

Hunter continued, “So, if we want to have a conference (RoofCon), that’s great. We’re going to have it by the end of 2022. It had to be before December for us.”

“We wanted to be in November. And, then, what are the targets within that as well?” 

Hunter finished by saying:

“…And so I think it’s important they figure out what their targets are outside of money and what are their health goals. Do they want to lose weight? They want to bench more in the gym, you know, do they want to be able to run around and chase their kid? Did they want to run 5k, do an Ironman, run a marathon, like figure out what they want their legacy to be.”

4. Consequences

“The fourth element is consequences for every target that you set. If you don’t hit that target, there’s a consequence. And some people may say, Oh, it doesn’t matter if I don’t hit $1,000,000 in sales.

Well, yes, it does. Absolutely does is if you don’t, then you can’t go out there and accomplish the things you said you’re going to accomplish, whether that’s buying your wife the new car or donate $10,000 to the charity or whatever it is, it’s like there is a consequence.”

5. Excuses

“And, then, lastly, is Excuses. Figuring out what your excuses are. And, this one’s tough to come up with, because a lot of times we don’t even realize what our excuses are. Number one everyone says is ‘I don’t have time.’ All the time we say we don’t have time. Right? So, establish that excuse”.

Hunter added:

“And, if you’re you in that every single day, it no longer can be an excuse because every day you’re reading that verbally that you said this is your excuse.

And, now, when you tell yourself that you can’t even say it subconsciously because it comes to mind that ‘Oh my God, that’s just an excuse, I got to suck it up and do the work.’ ”

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