How to offer Hearth during your on-site visit

Hearth’s mobile app lets you pre-qualify customers and get the deal done while you’re sitting with them at the kitchen table.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open up your Hearth mobile app and click on “Offer Financing.”

  2. Click “Start on this device” and hand your phone to your customer. They can then start a financing request. Remind them that pre-qualifying for options through Hearth does not affect their credit score!

  3. If pre-qualified, your customer will view competitive payment options immediately and can apply for a loan directly through one of our lending partners. If they want to continue the application later, we’ll send them an email with options that they can view at any time.

This approach works well for contractors who are focused on closing the sale in the customer’s living room. It’s a win-win strategy: your customer can pre-qualify for competitive payment options, and you can close the deal then and there.

Pro tip: Many Hearth contractors like to upsell their customers on a nicer, more expensive project if they pre-qualify for more than the project cost.

Have questions about the best way for your company to use Hearth? Give us a call at 512-686-4141 and we’ll walk through potential strategies together.

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