How to Get More HVAC Leads: 5 Quick Ways

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As an HVAC professional you may be constantly asking yourself, “How do I get more business?” 

Here are five fast tips to help you get more leads for your business today.

1. Direct mail 

With 47% of millennials saying they went to a brand’s website after receiving direct mail (UPS), you’d be foolish to believe that direct mail is dead. 

Sending an offer directly by mail can still be one of the best ways to increase business for your HVAC company. 

Getting started can be as simple as sending out a postcard that includes a coupon for your services, your phone number, website address, and a call to action to get them to contact you for more information.

Also, make sure your postcard is eye-catching. It may be worth your time to have a freelance graphic designer create one for you.

The goal is that once people see your postcard, they will want to call you up to learn how you can solve their HVAC issues. 

Once your postcard is ready, reach out to your local post office to get your campaign going.

2. Google marketing (SEO and PPC)

If Google doesn’t know about your business, you are letting your competitors beat you to the top. Google is the top search engine or platform people go to when finding business.

It was reported in 2020 that 93% of consumers used online searches to find local businesses (Onthemap).

So not using Google as a marketing tool is a bad idea.

Now, when marketing on Google, there are two avenues you can take—pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). PPC is where you pay Google to put your ad on the top of search results, and SEO is where you optimize or fix your website to make it easier to navigate and find in Google’s index—the list of all websites Google knows about.

Both are important for your business to be successful, but the most important is SEO because that is what is going to help people find you organically on Google. The only drawback of SEO is that you need to build up your website and content to the point where Google will drive people to your site for information. Often this takes the help of an SEO specialist, and it requires a lot of website work.

PPC you can setup on your own, but you have to keep in mind that it takes a while to get your ads seen at the top of search results. If you don’t set up your ads correctly, you can waste a lot of money. It may be worth your while to consult a specialist first.

3. Email marketing

Another great way to get HVAC leads is through email marketing. You can send emails regularly to promote your services and remind people of other services they might need—like A/C tuneups for the summer or furnace checkups. This way, you’ll stay on the top of their mind, and when people need HVAC services, you’re the first company they’ll think of.

There are many different ways to do email marketing, but the most successful methods are those that are personalized and targeted. You can start email marketing as a local business by following these steps:   

  1. Determine your target market   
  2. Create a list of your target market’s interests and characteristics  
  3. Sign up to an email marketing platform. This will help you automate the process.
  4. Create a campaign, and write your first email
  5. Hit send 

You definitely want to make sure you monitor your campaign to check the open and click through rates to gauge their success. If both are low, then you need to figure out why, and try to rework your emails to get more clicks.

4. Social media

Facebook is still one of the best ways to generate interesting your business, and with TikTok growing in popularity, social media is a great place to start reaching more customers. 

Getting started can be as simple as creating a Facebook Business Page or a TikTok business account and posting pictures or videos of recent jobs you’ve done. This proves to social media users that you are a skilled HVAC technician.

If you really want your personality to show, consider creating short videos of you giving tips on how customers can take care of their HVAC systems. This can help you build a sense of authority and trust, which can also help you get more business.

And, lastly, tell people about your pages and ask them to follow you. If you are just getting started, consider joining local Facebook groups, but check with the group rules before you post about your services.

5. Word of mouth marketing or networking

The best way to get more business is to tell people about yourself and get them to recommend you to others. You can do this by posting flyers at local businesses or you can take your services to local events and trade shows. By being there, you will also have an opportunity to meet other local home improvement professionals and other HVAC pros who can refer you to their clients when they need your services.

Got leads, now close the deal

By using these five tips, you are setting yourself up to have more people interested in your business. Once they become a lead, the work doesn’t stop there. Now, you have to close the deal.

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