How to get an uncomfortable customer to YES

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: asking for financing isn’t easy.

In fact, sometimes it’s so hard that a homeowner might make up an excuse and back out of a deal because they’re embarrassed to ask for financing options.

Think of all the deals you’ve lost because of this issue. The fact is, you can’t 10X your business by waiting for people to ask for payment options.

If you aren’t offering financing options during every bid, you’re leaving deals on the table.

Here are a few ways to get a customer to YES:

  1. Help your customer realize their pain level. Focus the conversation around how the problem is making them feel, and the potential costs of not addressing the problem immediately. Finding your customer’s pain point will make it more likely they’ll move forward with you — and commit quickly.

  2. Have the money conversation early. As soon as you begin talking to a customer, ask if they’re interested in seeing financing options. We talked to Steve Weyl, founder of the largest residential roofing company in the United States, who usually says something like, “50% of my clients finance, and the other 50% write a check. Which bucket do you fall into?”. Read more of Steve’s tips.

  3. Send your financing link to every customer. We’ve already established that some customers are uncomfortable bringing up the financing conversation. Send your financing link to potential customers so they can review payment options from the comfort of their own home, and we’ll notify you about their results. (Remember: Pre-qualifying for options doesn’t affect your customer’s credit)

  4. Advertise your financing tool. Not only will you get more leads who see you’re financing-friendly, but you’ll also help some current customers avoid the awkward conversation and pre-qualify directly through your financing page. Open up your settings to choose a financing banner to add to your website.

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