How to close the sale after your customer pre-qualifies

We’re always thrilled when we can help your client find competitive monthly payment options!

Next comes the fun part – getting your customer funded and closing the sale! We’re here to walk you through next steps.

What to do after your customer pre-qualifies for financing:

1. Help them select a payment option:

Once your customer pre-qualifies, be sure to answer any questions they have about moving forward with a loan from one of Hearth’s lending partners. Tell them that all options are unsecured, personal loans with fixed monthly payments and no prepayment penalties. Then, help them choose an option on Hearth’s platform:

  • If your customer used your mobile app in person, your customer can select an option directly from your app.

  • If they pre-qualify virtually using your financing link, your customer can click on a payment option directly on their computer or phone.

  • If they need time to think about it, we’ll send a follow up email with their payment options that they can access at any time.

2. Your customer applies with our lending partner:  

The lending partner will perform a hard pull on your customer’s credit for the final approval process. Your customer may need to verify income by producing a document such as a W-2  — but the exact requirements and length of time depend on the specific lending partner and your customer’s employment status.

3. Fund the project!

If your customer is approved by our lending partner, they’ll typically receive the funds in their account within 1-3 days. You can start the project getting paid how you like, and your customer will pay back our lending partner over time.

Have questions?

Give us a call anytime at 512-686-4141 to discuss how to help your customer through the rest of the process. If your customer has questions, we’re happy to walk them through the process as well!

We’re excited to help you close your first deal with Hearth.

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