Homeowner spotlight: How Chadana M. found “an affordable solution” with Hearth

“What experience will my customers have with Hearth?”

We get asked this question often and we know why: great customer service is critical to your company’s success.

The story below shows you the experience homeowners have with Hearth, and illustrates our commitment to your customers.


Last month in Dolton, Illinois, Chadana M. found herself in desperate need of a new roof — and she knew that a new roof isn’t cheap. In search of a solution, she turned to Hearth.

“I worried about how I would be able to get the money on such short notice and prayed that the solution was one that I could afford.” – Chadana M., IL

Chadana remarked that initially, she was “skeptical of pursuing the contractor financing because I thought the rates and monthly payments would be ridiculously high”. Luckily, pre-qualifying through Hearth doesn’t impact a customer’s credit score, so she decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The Hearth Experience

E. Campa Construction sent its payment options page to Chadana, who then completed Hearth’s pre-qualification process. She was able to request financing directly from her cell phone and found that “the process was extremely easy and straightforward”. In just 2 minutes, Chadana received 63 different payment options from 7 different lending partners.

I was astonished by the variety of financing options available and was able to find an affordable solution.” – Chadana M., IL

Chadana said that the turnaround time for her loan was excellent and she was able to start her roofing project quickly.

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