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Q: When should I consider home improvement credit cards?

You can quickly pay off the card

A credit card may be the right choice if you’re sure you can pay off the balance or your debt could grow quickly out of control

You need cash – but only in the short-term

Many homeowners don’t have the cash on-hand to pay for their home improvements. If you’re confident you’ll get cash soon, then a credit card may be perfect for racking up rewards.

You don’t have a lot of other debt

The fewer other monthly payments you owe, the more likely you are to pay off your card before your rates rise.

Your project can’t wait

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to save cash for your project. 0% APR credit cards can get you the flexible funding you need quickly.

How do I find a credit card through Hearth?


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Credit cards have many benefits, but also carry big risks. If you get a 0% card, make sure you can pay off the card before your 0% APR period expires.


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