Joist vs. Hearth: What are the Differences?

Are you shopping around for a service to offer financing options to your home improvement customers?

Learn why you should go with Hearth instead of Joist.

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Are you looking for a way to streamline your business?

When contractors sign on to Hearth, they have access to digital invoices, contracts, quotes, and premier financing options.

While our competitor Joist has a basic financing integration, contractors that use Hearth gain access to a network of 17 personal loan lenders.

Hearth helps you connect customers with lenders who can fund their project up to $250,000 with zero dealer fees for FICO scores up to 550.


Reason 1: Our transaction fees are favorable to you.

Only a one-time, yearly subscription payment is all you need to gain access to a full suite of tools to speed up your sales process and win more jobs, which includes digital payments.

While our competitor charges 3.49% + $0.49 every transaction, contractors with Hearth only pay 3% for credit card and debit card transactions or $5 for an ACH (eCheck) transaction.


Reason 2: Track the entire process for your customers in real-time

With our robust customer relationship management system (CRM), contractors can track every stage of their customer’s journey. See when the invoice was received, and when it was paid.

This helps you save time driving around town chasing checks and signatures.


Reason 3: All plans give you the option for company-branding materials

With Pro and Elite subscription plans, contractors can access company-branded quotes, contracts, and invoices options as part of Hearth marketing tools to easily mesh with their existing website themes and colors.


Reason 4: Easy-to-use app for all skill levels

From the Apple or Google Play Store you can quickly download our mobile app.

Whether you are in your office or at a customer’s house, you can create and send quotes, prequalify customers for financing, and or create invoices from your phone.


How Hearth and joist Compare

Soft Credit PullYesYes
Credit Limit$250,000$100,000
Lending partners173

Based on research conducted January 2023

Not every customer has the cash up-front.

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Hearth customer Andre Davila

“From $0 to $10,000 in about an hour and a half just because it’s convenient for the customer.”

Andre Davila

Riches Resource, MO

The best app for home improvement contractors




Average return on investment


Jobs funded


Average job size increase


Close rate improvement

Based on internal reporting as of September 2022. Professionals selling on the Hearth platform is based on the number of active users. Average annual ROI is based on funds obtained through the Hearth platform. Loan volume is based on total loans and credit cards processed through the Hearth platform. 30% average job size increase and 17% close rate improvement based on study by Enerbank. 

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