Hearth Upgrades and Bug Fixes – September 2023

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Get more leads and work more deals with these new marketing tools: Lead Capture and Lead Forms.

New and improved marketing money making tools

Tired of feeling like your website and social pages are just for show? Or like you’re missing out on opportunities that could grow your business?

We got you covered! Lead Capture and Lead Forms are the newest tools from Hearth that make your website and social pages work smarter and harder for you.

  • Improve your sales and marketing efforts when you add Lead Forms to your website and share your Lead Capture link on social pages and more.
  • Offer monthly payment options at the same time, making it easy for visitors to go from lead to customer.
  • Best part, you can track and follow up with leads all from the Hearth app — send a quote, financing pre-qual link, and more with a few clicks.

Lead Forms

This simple but powerful tool makes it easy for your website visitors to become leads. Think of it as your website’s answering machine. When someone visits your page, they can just leave their contact info and job details. This proven tactic can help you avoid losing potential clients to competitors.

Plus, you can increase your lead capturing powers by putting Lead Forms on more pages on your website.

So what are you waiting for? Start using Lead Forms and make your website a lead capturing machine!

Lead Capture

Your website isn’t the only place that can use a lead converting boost. Bring the power of Lead Forms to places like Facebook, Instagram, Google and more with Lead Capture.

Simply copy and paste your custom Lead Capture link anywhere you want. The more places you use Lead Capture, the more likely you are to improve your lead generating efforts.

It also can double as a simple website if you don’t already have. It’s as easy as copy, paste, go.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Hearth!

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