Hearth Upgrades and Bug Fixes – October 2023

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Look, we get it: as a contractor, you don’t have time for fluff. You need tools that eliminate bottlenecks, cut through the daily chaos and improve your bottom line. That’s where Hearth’s newest features and updates come into play.

Cut Through the Chaos with Notes

Paperwork isn’t just annoying; it’s costing you real dollars in lost time and inefficiency. Losing one piece of paper could cost you a job or tarnish a client relationship.

Hearth’s Notes has you covered. Keep all your crucial information in one secure digital location. No more scrambling. No more lost info. Get time back with increased organization, Use that time to take on more jobs.

What You Really Get:

  • More Hours in Your Day: Forget digging through a mess of paper. Everything’s in one place, so you can get back to doing the work that actually makes you money.
  • Peace of Mind: Security isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Store sensitive client info without second thoughts.
  • Easier Client Management: All client-related info is now a click away. Quicker access means faster decision-making and, ultimately, more profitable operations.

How It Works:

Log into your Hearth account and click on the Clients or Leads tab. Select a client or lead, then hit the Notes tab. Input client information, job details, material lists, and more—all in one secure, easily accessible place.

Bigger Payouts, Better Invoicing

You can’t always wait for checks to clear or spend hours reconciling your accounts . You have bills to pay and people counting on you.

Larger instant payouts and easier invoicing is here to help. Get your hands on your earnings faster and keep up with financial records with little to no effort.

What You Really Get:

  • Rapid Payouts: Up to $9,999 in your account, fast. Use that instant cash to replenish materials, pay subcontractors, or take on new jobs.
  • Streamlined Records: With a few clicks, you can export all your payment records for easy accounting. No more manual entry means you’re back on the job site making money, not stuck in the office.
  • Transparent Payment History: Real-time insight into who’s paid and who hasn’t lets you manage your finances like a pro. Smart business decisions are now faster and easier.

How It Works:

In your Hearth account, go to the Invoices tab. There you should see “Transfer funds.” Click “Instant Payout”, type in your amount, and you’re done!

Cut to the Chase

We’re not just adding features for the sake of it. Hearth’s Notes and Invoices are practical, profit-driving tools designed to make your contracting business more efficient, organized, and lucrative.

Ready to start putting more money in your pocket? Log into your Hearth account and take these new features for a spin. Your bottom line will thank you.

And remember, we’re just getting started. Expect more features in the future, all engineered to keep your profits climbing.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Hearth!

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