Hearth at Work: CCR Roofing

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The father and son duo of Terry and Aaron Washburn started their roofing company in the late 2000s. After years of managing mergers and acquisitions, Terry found his passion for roofing while working with a friend in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, his son Terry fresh out of college began working in the insurance industry as an adjuster. After a career change, Aaron began selling roofs in Texas. After disaster struck the El Paso area, they linked up in West Texas to sell roofs. Quickly, they realized they had a knack for the roofing business and decided to start their own company.

Fast forward to 2021, and CCR Roofing is one of the largest roofing companies in the Central Texas area serving both residential and commercial clients. They take pride in the work they’ve done for their community. They use their expertise and knowledge to deliver high quality roofing systems and products to their customers. 

Hearth recently sat down with Terry and Aaron to tell their story about what makes them different, why owning your own business is worth it, and how Hearth helps them grow. 

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