Hearth App Upgrades and Bug Fixes – February 2023

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At Hearth, we strive to constantly improve our product to give contractors simple but mighty tools to manage their businesses from anymore. Here are some recent upgrades and bug fixes we’ve implemented over the last month to keep improving your experience. 

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⏫ Upgrade: Hearth Contracts

👌 Easy to migrate

Copy and paste your existing contract into the Terms of Use section in the Hearth Template

✅ Checkboxes

Example: If you want to conditionally charge the customers for removing debris from the property

Use if you offer services or products over and over and want to save them on the contract to let customers select if they want that service.

💬 Custom text entry list

Use if you offer the same service or product but something changes for each job.

Example: If you’re a roofer, you could put “shingles” here, and then during the contract send flow you can type in the “type” of shingles. If your job has a component of square footage, you could put square feet or measurements here. And, then, in the send flow, you can write down the exact measurements

📝 Line for initials

Use if you have a specific line item that you want the customer to initial in addition to the signature they provide at the end. This adds extra visibility to whatever this line is.

Example: I agree to pay 50% of the deposit before the job starts

📃 Add an addendum

If you have additional information that you want to be signed separately from the main contract.

Example: If your state or job requires an extra policy that you want the customer to agree to separate from the terms of the contract, you can paste that policy into the template.

⏭️ What’s next 

There is some minor polishing we are going to add, and the template editor will be available on mobile soon! 

🛠️ Fixed: Quickbooks integration

For users wanting to connect Quickbooks with Hearth can now connect these 2 systems easier than ever. We’ve simplified the setup and syncing process to make it much more reliable for all users.

🛠️ Fixed: Wrong Emails Being Sent to Clients

This happened for some users that reported their clients received an email or SMS for a Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices that was already canceled or completed.

🚀 Launched: Support Menu

🚢 What we shipped

We designed a more prominent Support Menu. We combined all of the support links formerly in the bottom left to a dedicated dropdown menu in the header of our web app and on the Profile section of the mobile app. This new extendable menu will allow us to expand support options in the future as well.

⏭️ What’s Next

Allow contractors the ability to submit their own support case to Hearth representatives within the Hearth experience.

🛠️ Fixed: Banking Page Load Bug

🐛 What was the bug

When customers went to their banking home page, they would receive a white page and their transactions would never load

💭 Solution

In testing, we saw our bug fix improved some accounts that previously took 15-16 seconds to load in 3-4 seconds

⏭️ Next Steps

Monitor this solution to see if customers still have really long loading times.

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