GreenSky Finance vs. Hearth: What are the Differences?

Deciding between GreenSky & Hearth for your contracting business?

Learn how Hearth can help your business and deliver great payment options to your customers.

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Why choose Hearth versus competitors like GreenSky?

Kerns Roofing and Restoration, Ohio, Est. 2018

Learn why hundreds of contractors are switching from GreenSky Finance to Hearth’s zero-dealer-fee service.


Reason 1: Our software works with you throughout the sales process

Our software helps you track your clients’ progress through the entire sales process from lead, to payment, to pay out.

Our Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices functions have automated reminders for your customers to let them know it’s time to take action.

And, best of all, each feature uses automation to roll into the next phase of your sales cycle, saving you time and money.


Reason 2: Soft credit pulls when customers check their options

When offering financing for jobs, your customers can rest assured that checking their monthly payment options will not affect their credit score.

A soft pull is used by our lending partners to show customers their estimated payment plans.

Visit the customer financing page to learn more.


Reason 3: Pay only for the membership, not every transaction

Hearth subscriptions are paid annually rather than per job.

Other financing programs offer buy-down programs that penalize success by charging you for every job you close.

With Hearth, you get access to 17 lenders ready to deliver offers to your clients for their projects.

Visit our pricing page to learn more.


Reason 4: All plans give you the option for company-branding materials

With Hearth, you have access to marketing materials tools that help you capture and generate more leads.

You have access to:

  • flyers
  • website banners,
  • embeddable financing calculators
  • email marketing tools
  • lead capture forms


You can also customize your quotes, contracts, and invoices with your company colors and logo helping to make your brand messaging seamless and professional.

Take a look at the table below for more comparisons.

How Hearth and Greensky stack up

Per-loan dealer fees?None3-10%, depending on the plan
Sign up process2 minutesLoan app & approval wait-time
Minimum qualificationNoneMinimum 2-3 years in business
FICO scores accepted550 - 850600 - 850
Mobile app for contractorsYesYes
Credit card feesNoYes

Based on research conducted January 2023

Not every customer has the cash up-front.

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It’s seamless as far as I’m concerned. They handle all the financing stuff, and basically, I get the revenue.

Dennis M.

DFW Home Theater

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Average return on investment


Jobs funded


Average job size increase


Close rate improvement

Based on internal reporting as of September 2022. Professionals selling on the Hearth platform is based on the number of active users. Average annual ROI is based on funds obtained through the Hearth platform. Loan volume is based on total loans and credit cards processed through the Hearth platform. 30% average job size increase and 17% close rate improvement based on study by Enerbank. 

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