Don’t get caught in the cold without these winter job site must-haves

It’s time to think outside the typical puffy jackets and extra pairs of socks and gloves. There are more creative ways to bring the heat to this winter’s job sites. Here are some products you might not have known you needed for yourself and your crews.

All heated everything

Technology has gotten so small at this point that you can find practically anything that’s self-heating. Heated insoles promise to keep your feet warm during the harsh winter months. These even come with a remote for your insoles so you can control your comfort. Maybe the best part is that they’re rechargeable. A good day starts with your feet.

Don’t stop at your feet. You can get warmed up from the floor up with heated pants, hoodies, gloves, and beanies.

If your boots get sweaty or damp often, invest in some boot dryers. These can help you keep your feet happy throughout the long winter.

If you’re not into recharging your clothes every night, make sure that you have well-insulated, heavy-duty pieces that you can wear on the worksite.

Don’t get left out in the cold

If you’re taking on lots of jobs that keep you outside, investing in an outdoor portable propane heater might be a good idea. These small heaters can also be used on camping trips or while you’re working in your garage. They’re great because natural gas will increase the temperature around the unit a lot quicker than an electric unit.

Stay sipping

If you’re a contractor, you probably enjoy a lot of different types of beverages throughout the day. Keep your first drink of the day at your preferred temperature with an Ember travel mug. These mugs are Bluetooth enabled and will keep your drink at the temperature you prefer. These travel mugs are on the pricier side, but who can put a price on a warm drink on a 25º day?

Keep comfortable

Contractors do a lot in their trucks. Whether driving, eating, or waiting for your crews to show up, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. However, not all of us have fancy trucks with seat warmers. Getting a portable car seat heater is the next best thing.

Pack heat

Rechargeable portable hand warmers are a great way to keep some heat on you at all times. These can also charge your phone in case your battery needs some juice!

Don’t just scrape by

Keep your hands and gloves drive by using a scraper glove. These might look like parts of a Halloween costume, but trust us, you’ll be happy you scraped the ice off your windshield with this instead of getting your clothes wet and cold trying to get out of your driveway.

Stay on track

We all have to drive through some messy weather to get to jobs. Don’t get caught somewhere in the snow or mud without foldable emergency traction. These can easily slip into the back of your truck and are useful in a pinch.

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