As Semper Fidelis Construction grew its residential home improvement and construction business, it needed a way to close more jobs without adding more overhead.


Ryan Rodriguez started in 2019 after spending time as a sales manager and in real estate. Setting out to start your own business in construction is no easy feat, especially in San Antonio where home improvement and residential services companies can struggle as they fight mistrust of contractors in San Antonio.

Semper Fidelis Construction’s values and the way they do business are guided by Ryan’s time in the Marines. The company embodies the mantra “Do the right thing. The right way. For the right reason.”

In fact, Ryan and Semper Fidelis work with local nonprofits to renovate homes to support disabled veterans and make their lives more comfortable. Ryan believes, “There is no receiving without giving.”

semper fidelis team - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth
Semper fidelis - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

When Ryan started Semper Fidelis, Hearth helped accelerate his business and close more deals. His natural competitiveness and the advantage Hearth’s financing tool gave him were a natural match.

With Hearth, new businesses get the digital tools they need to deliver a more professional customer experience and hit their revenue goals without eating into their bottom line. With easy-to-offer financing tools, digital quotes, contracts, invoices, and payments, companies are competing with the big box companies out of the gate.

Hearth also offers onboarding support to all new members in order to make sure they’re taking advantage of the powerful technology at their fingertips. Hearth’s onboarding specialists and customer success team are dedicated to answering every question and providing the expertise needed to meet customers’ goals.

After using Hearth to secure jobs in the tens of thousands of dollars, Ryan has leveraged Semper Fidelis Construction’s experience delivering high-quality renovations and building homes to lucrative government contracts worth millions of dollars.

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