Risen Foundation Solutions looked for a way to get leaner and more agile for their business to grow. With world-class support and a powerful app, Hearth is helping Risen rise above the rest.


Business partners and best friends of 25 years, Kip Stehling and Johnathan Clark started Risen Foundation Solutions at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before 2020, Clark had already repaired foundations for 10 years, and Kip spend a couple of decades in Chicago in the hospitality industry.

As a duo, Kip and Johnathan created a company built on the principles:

  • Be honest with the customer.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Give them support.
  • Communicate properly.

Ready to sell Clark’s fine-tuned repair system to San Antonio-area homeowners, they quickly realized that they needed help competing with long-standing foundation repair companies with the ability to offer financing.

Risen team memeber - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth
Risen team on site - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

As the business development arm of the business, Kip felt Risen needed to able to compete on that level. “Not everyone can write a check for 15 or 30 thousand dollars”

Kip shared, “We may not be an expert in financing, but we are experts in foundation repair. Who is a good partner for us? That’s where Hearth came in.”

“It’s easy to use for the employees and helps them close jobs more successfully and isn’t a barrier for clients to work with your company. “

As they’ve built their business, they are committed to being cash strong and having few debts so they can deliver their following projects with ease. Avoiding buy-down financing programs from traditional lenders, which charges contractors per-project fees just to offer monthly payments, helps them keep their cash flow strong.

Unlike traditional lenders, Hearth helps contractors offer their customers monthly payments for their projects without dealer fees for FICO scores as low as 550. Hearth technology makes it easy for you and your team to send a financing pre-qualification application to homeowners.

The pre-qualification application is a soft pull on your customer’s credit to see their monthly payments options from up to 17 different lenders. Our lending partners can fund projects up to $250,000 and have terms as long as 12 years.

Because your customers are the ones getting funded, they get the cash for their project directly. Also, compared to funding with HELOCs or home equity loans, your customers have access to their funds quicker and don’t have to put up assets in order to afford their projects.

“For us, it’s simple. It’s quick and they have great customer service. This is our second year using them. And, we didn’t even look at another vendor because Hearth did such an amazing job in year one.”

Risen team - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

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