DFW Home Theater closes jobs quicker with Hearth

DFW Home Theater uses Hearth’s financing and marketing tools to qualify and close their leads faster.

About DFW Home Theater

In 2008, the American economy took a nosedive. Millions of business owners lost what they had built. Dennis Mills of DFW Home Theater was one of those people. After the Great Recession, he believed he was done with security, fire systems, and home theater.

However, after a moment of divine inspiration, he decided to get back into the business, and there DFW Home Theater was born.

Through the initial business growth phase, COVID-19, and the increasing unavailability of products, DFW Home Theater has grown every year for the last seven years.

Run out of their Dallas-Fort Worth area home, complete with showroom/training center, DFW Home Theater is growing to be a premier home entertainment in Texas.

DFW owner - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth
DFW - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

“We specialize in home theater packages, but that’s just a small portion. We customize things to meet your needs. We do network, surveillance cameras, whole-house audio, and automation.”

And, Hearth has helped them hit their ambitious sales goals through tools like the financing pre-qualification form, which they use as a lead capture tool.

“The best way we use Hearth for our business is we have a link on our web page… Once they get approved then they call me.”

“It’s been really easy for us to have Hearth as a financing provider.”

Shawn says, “A lot of our customers that we get, they don’t initially reach out to us for an initial in-home consultation or come to our showroom. They actually apply to Hearth first to see if they actually qualify for financing. And, so in my mind, I kind of reverse sell it. They’ve qualified, and now I follow up with them. I believe that we’ve gotten about 100 customers that have been approved this calendar year.”

Using Hearth as a way to generate and follow up with leads quickly about their buying power is making a huge difference for the Mills family and DFW Home Theater.

Knowing their customers’ buying power gives them the knowledge they need to provide their customers with the best possible systems at the right price.

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Loan option - Best Contractor Estimating & Invoicing Software - Hearth

All of Hearth’s members have access to marketing tools that help them reach their revenue goals like customizable digital banners, embedded financing calculator, automated emailing tool, Facebook posting tool, branded flyers, and brochures.

These tools all work to send people to your business’s Hearth financing prequalification application, which guides your potential customers to seeing monthly payment options for their projects with no hard pull on their credit from up to 17 lenders.

Once your potential customers submit their information, you receive a notification that your lead has seen their options, and you can see information on how much funding they applied for, how much they qualified for, and their FICO score.

Dennis adds, “We have the link to the website, and we also have a link in our email signature. So, as we’re communicating with our customers about any bid proposal that we’ve given them, they have the ability to see, ‘Oh, we also offer financing.’ “

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