5 tips for upselling home improvement projects

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Qualified sales leads are not cheap. As your business grows, it becomes obvious that upselling and upgrading projects is a skill that you need to develop to get the most out of your deals. Here are 5 ways you can upsell a home improvement project to optimize your leads and deliver the best possible projects to your clients. 

1. Remind them about home resale value

Home prices are growing across the country due to inventory and economic circumstances. This means homeowners are open to spending on renovations and repairs to prepare to sell their homes. Ask your clients about their long term plans for their homes. If they are selling soon, you now have a window to introduce new products or services that may increase the value of their homes. Offer things like higher quality materials or fixtures that will increase interest in their homes like energy efficient windows or higher-end appliances. 

2. Educate them on possible tax credits

Installing energy efficient equipment in homes can come with a tax benefit to the homeowner. As a home improvement professional, it’s your job to properly inform homeowners of the tax benefits of certain types of renovations. Research ways you can leverage energy efficiency and what tax benefits these additions could provide a homeowner. Be honest in your assessment of their tax credit eligibility and inform the homeowner that they should consult their tax advisor before making a decision on tax credit eligible projects. 

3. Tweak your sales scripting

What you choose to focus on with a client can affect your ability to upgrade their project. Use a consultative approach. Instead of focusing on the things the homeowner needs, begin to ask questions about what they want. Focusing on their desires instead of just their immediate needs can open their minds to additions. Positively reinforcing a homeowner’s desires can open up a lot of possibilities. Make sure they know your company can deliver the project of their dreams. 

4. Stay informed

You can’t sell what you don’t know. Stay informed through trade publications, industry news, and keeping an eye on the market. It’s easy to keep your head down and focus on your work, but knowing about the latest products and trends will make you a better upseller and resource. 

5. Offer Hearth financing early

Hearth’s prequalification application is a secure way to understand your client’s buying power without impacting their credit score. In a couple of minutes, your prequalified clients will receive financing options for the amount they requested. They will also be able to see the highest amount they can finance through their results. If they asked for $10,000, the Hearth app will alert them to how much financing they actually qualify for. There is a big difference between a $10,000 job and a $20,000 job for your bottom line. Knowing your client’s buying power is a crucial tool in your sales arsenal. 

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