3 Expert Tips to Close with Hearth

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Congratulations — you’ve unlocked a powerful tool for closing sales.

So how do you use it?

In this short article, you’ll learn 3 key strategies for using financing to close more sales. When used successfully, these simple tips will help you connect with more customers and sell more projects.

Let’s get started.

1. Offer Hearth to customers BEFORE giving the bid

Want to avoid wasting time on projects you can’t win?

We’ve found that estimating monthly payment options gives your customer (and you) a better idea of what they can afford. If you find out the customer can’t pay in cash and doesn’t qualify for a loan, you’ll avoid wasting time on an impossible-to-win-project.

Send your loan request page to your customer in one click through the Hearth mobile app. In the app, you can track real-time information about your customer’s progress and loan options.

2. Highlight the ease of use

Tired of breaking up your sales flow to pitch a complicated technology? You’re in luck.

Hearth’s platform is user-friendly and pre-qualifies customers for loan options in minutes, without affecting their credit score.

Your customer can view affordable monthly payment options from up to 13 different lending partners in the Hearth app or through your personalized loan request page. If the homeowner continues with the loan request process, our lending partners will work with them to complete the deal — getting money into their account in as soon as 24 hours. Every customer can pre-qualify through Hearth’s no-risk platform to view options finance their project.

3. Offer financing during every sale

Not sure which customers will need financing options? Add your financing pitch to every sales conversation to ensure you’ll close the deal.

Using Hearth lets you appeal to a wide array of customers — we work with credit scores as low as 550 and fund loans between $1,000 and $250,000. If a customer can’t pay for a project up front, financing options give them a way to pay for a large project over time. And if your customer has the cash on hand, viewing affordable monthly payment options might sell them on a larger, more expensive project.

Share the benefits of Hearth financing when advertising your business and closing deals. You’ll attract a wider range of customers, sell larger projects, and easily increase your sales.


When you have the right tools, closing more sales is easy. Use these tips to save time and sell more projects with Hearth financing.

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