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When should I finance my project?

You don’t have time to save

We recommend financing your home improvement project only if your project is time-sensitive. Otherwise you should try to save cash.

Your project will add value to your home

Many home improvement projects increase a home’s value. If your project could make you money, even after accounting for interest and fees, then you should consider financing.

You have a financial plan that has room for borrowing money

If you’ve carefully crafted a budget that has room for monthly payments on your remodel and putting away money for retirement, then you may want to finance your project.

You have a manageable amount of debt

If your household debt isn’t too high, then you may be able to find an affordable financing option for your project.

What are my financing options?

Personal loans
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Credit cards
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Home equity loans
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Home equity line of credit
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Project-specific information

Considering a roof replacement or kitchen remodel?
Visit our project financing page to learn more about financing common home renovations.