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Benefits of Home improvement credit cards

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Decide if a home improvement credit card is right for you

Credit cards have many benefits, but also carry big risks. If you get a 0% introductory APR card, make sure you can pay off the card before your 0% intro APR period expires.

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Q: When should I consider this option?

You can pay it off quickly

A credit card may be the right choice if you’re sure you can pay off the balance or your debt could grow quickly out of control

You don’t have a lot of other debt

The fewer other monthly payments you owe, the more likely you are to pay off your card before your rates rise.

You need cash – but only in the short-term

Many homeowners don’t have the cash on-hand to pay for their home improvements. If you’re confident you’ll get cash soon, then a credit card may be perfect for racking up rewards.

Your project can’t wait

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to save cash for your project. 0% APR credit cards can get you the flexible funding you need quickly.