NRCIA (National Roof Certification and Inspection Association) was born out of the evolution of the home inspection industry and its eventual standard to refer and defer any roof damage to a certified roofer.

NRCIA is passionatel about bringing exceptional confidence and credibility to the roof inspection industry by providing small roofing companies with an end-to-end solution for roof inspections and LeakFREE® roof certifications, including professional accreditation and exclusive trademarks, industry education, on-the-job tools and technology, and a network to excel in their business.

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The National Roof Certification and Inspection Association has leveled the playing field for any business operating in the roofing space. It has traditionally been quite challenging for smaller shops to obtain the certification and credibility needed to take on high-value roofing projects, and the NRCIA has provided an elegant solution. Hearth is partnered with NRCIA to help introduce roofing contractors to additional resources to help them excel in their craft.

Eric W.

“I would like to thank the NRCIA for all the valuable information they provide to contractors who join. Since joining the NRCIA a few weeks ago we have increased our customer potential and income potential. We have already received a lead from the NRCIA on a commercial property that will bring in an additional 285K to our company. Thank you for everything!”

William L. Hogue & Associates

“I have been using the NRCIA inspection software for over 10 years. The inspection software affords me a very professional and efficient guide for performing inspections, estimating re-roofs and repairs and creating reports that conform to industry standards. Add to that being able, through the NRCIA process, to offer and issue LeakFree Certifications that add revenue to my bottom line by expanding my market. I am extremely satisfied with the entire process and happy that it keeps getting better.”