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  • Checking your rates won't affect your credit score
  • No home quity needed
  • No obligation to get a loan

When should you consider a home improvement loan if you have bad credit?

Fortunately, you aren’t stuck with a low credit score. By reducing your debt load and monitoring your spending, you can set yourself on the path toward repairing your credit.

Until then, however, it’ll be tough to find good rates that enable low monthly payments. That’s why, before looking for a home improvement loan with bad credit, you need to ask yourself: do I really need to take out a loan now?

Most of the time, the answer is probably no. Unless your project is urgent, you should wait to save cash or improve your credit score before beginning your remodel. You’ll avoid large interest payments and fees–setting yourself up to gain control of your financial situation.

Sometimes you have to remodel now even if you'd rather avoid a project.

Perhaps you found mold in your basement and now have to rip out the walls, or maybe your roof needs an emergency repair. In these cases, you can’t afford to wait to save cash or repair your credit. Finding the lowest rates possible becomes critical, although you should watch out for scams.

Personal loans for bad credit

If you have a credit score above 500, you may be able to pre-qualify for a personal loan. Personal loans have fixed monthly payments, letting you budget with certainty each month. They also don’t require any home equity.

Not all personal loan providers serve homeowners with bad credit. That’s why it’s important to shop around and try to get options from several lending providers.

Hearth lets you compare rates from multiple personal loan providers without affecting your credit score. Even if you have bad credit, you still may be able to find a home improvement loan through Hearth by following these steps:

  • Complete one secure loan request: We protect your information using the same level of encryption as your bank. Using Hearth is 100% free and won’t affect your credit score.
  • Compare rates: If you receive options, you’ll be able to compare them side by side to find the best deal.
  • Get a loan: Once you find an option you like, you’ll be able to continue your application with one of our lending partners and get a loan within 2 weeks.

We have partners that specialize in home improvement loans with bad credit, so we may be able to find you an option. However, unless your project is truly urgent, we recommend you wait until you can save cash or improve your credit score.

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