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$100 Off Tax Preparation Services

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Bookkeeping for Painters understands your time as a service provider is better spent on marketing, sales, and operations. They use a results-driven approach to Bookkeeping & Tax vs. tedious bookkeeping. They make sure you will keep more of what you earn, instead of giving it away in taxes. They give you frequent, accurate, and easy-to-read financials that allow you to make the decisions you need to in your business, when you need to, no more confusing reports. 

Over the years, BFP has been built on solid client relationships and the industry-specific knowledge that painting business owners need. Unique processes that make the bookkeeping and tax side easier for owners has led to sustained growth and savings for BFP clients. Join BFP’s community of thrilled clients, and experience a new type of support for your business. Information you can rely on, from a partner that you know and trust!

BFP is a veteran-owned and operated business and both Hearth and BFP appreciate the sacrifice and service of those in uniform!