Hearth Upgrades and Bug Fixes – September 2023

Get more leads and work more deals with these new marketing tools: Lead Capture and Lead Forms. New and improved marketing money making tools and more Tired of feeling like your website and social pages are just for show? Or like you’re missing out on opportunities that could grow your business? We got you covered! […]

Seize Every Opportunity with Lead Forms

Tired of missing out on deals or watching opportunities slip through your fingers? We’ve made something for that. Introducing Lead Forms, the new tool that increases lead capture and speed-to-lead. Lead Forms: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Your Digital Assets as a Lead-Generating Machine Imagine making every website visit, social page view, email or […]

Hearth Upgrades and Bug Fixes – August 2023

You hustle to give prospects top-notch choices and your customers services that are second to none. Now you can hustle smarter with these Hearth upgrades. Get early access to the mobile release of Job Scheduler – the tool that let’s you manage project times and more. Then turn up your financing offers with new loan […]

Empower Your Business with Project Loans

Project Loan Offers Hearth App

Project Loans, powered by LendKey, is here! So, let’s learn more about Project Loans and how it benefits you and your customers. What can LendKey do for you and your customers? Lower Rates Project Loans offers better APRs for qualifying customers since they’re more secure due to LendKey’s contractor approval process. Plus, some customers can […]

Hearth Upgrades and Bug Fixes – July 2023

Learn about the latest product updates that help you win more jobs, improve your operations, and stay ahead of the competition.  Do more with Client Management There are now more ways to interact with Client Management.  Import a large number of clients at once with our bulk import process. Effortlessly migrate existing client info with […]